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Words of Marcus Mosiah Garvey
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Marcus Garvey - You and Me
October 24, 1927
When we think of all the care

That made life's burden great,

We long for the passing year

To close our sad book of Fate:

But if we should stop a while,

And think once the other way,

Life would be just all a smile,

As we, go on day by day.

We should never make day night

For to darken life,'s good view;

Round that turning is the light

That shines as a guide to you:

Think of all that's really good,

Then make it your daily rule;

Smile with Nature's Brotherhood,

And none make your footstool.

A proverb for every day,

And one more for each good night,

Should make life so pleasant, yea,

Would lead us to live all right:

Turn not from sane rectitude,

But make life just like a song,

Go ye not with the multitude

To any path that's wholly wrong.

Words of Marcus Garvey