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Words of Marcus Mosiah Garvey
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Marcus Garvey - George S. Schuyler Again
George S. Schuyler is a joke;

His brain must be like sausage pork,

Or he must be a "nutty" ass

To bray at those he cannot pass:

The man, if man he is, is crude;

His very looks is mighty rude,

lie feeds on what his masters say,

and acts like monkey all at play.

Ile writes his soppy stuff each week,

The stuff of Journalistic freak:

No one should worry over him,

But pass him with a good "boof, him,"

A Negro man he claims to be,

And that puts us up on a tree:

If he should look at his old face,

He'd see the libel of his race.

Words of Marcus Garvey