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Words of Marcus Mosiah Garvey
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Marcus Garvey - Function of Man
God placed man on earth as the lord of Creation. The elements - all nature are at his command - it is for him to harness them subdue them and use them.

Edison harnessed electricity. Today the world reflects the brilliancy of his grand illumination. Stephenson, through experiments, has given us the use of the steam engine, and today the railroad train flies across the country at a speed of sixty miles an hour.

Marconi conquered the currents of the air and today we have wireless telegraphy that flashes news across the continents with a rapidity never yet known to man. All this reveals to us that man is the supreme lord of creation, that in man lies the power of mastery, a mastery of self, a mastery of all things created, bowing only to the Almighty Architect in those things that are spiritual, in those things that are divine.

Words of Marcus Garvey