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Words of Marcus Mosiah Garvey
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Marcus Garvey - Dividing Line
There's a dividing line, call it what you may,

It separates the whites from the blacks each day.

Nature made no passing, shadowy blunder

When by race different people set asunder.

You may try to patch a broken fence between,

But one oneness of aim shall e'er be seen;

For peace and happiness, it is the best,

To group them nationally, one from the rest.

Angels are separated by groups and files,

Not because of superiority in lives,

But to maintain heavenly rule and order,

As desired by the Great, Holy Father.

So in this physical, material life

We are thus separated to prevent strife;

Not because we are better than the other,

But for the sake of others not to bother.

Everyone should obey this grand human rule,

And not others to reduce to our footstool.

Justice should be for everyone we meet,

As with charity and fellowship we greet.

This would make a better and happier world

With the banner of peace and love unfurled.

No fair mortal man can think this unkind

If he appreciates the bond of mankind.

Words of Marcus Garvey