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Words of Marcus Mosiah Garvey
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Marcus Garvey - A Rallying Song
1. Oh glorious race of mighty men,

The homeland calls to you;

Our fathers wrought with faith divine,

So let us march in line. (Refrain)

2. If foe we meet across the way,

Our courage hold on high,

For Victory is near at hand,

So march ye with the band.

Refrain: Oh glorious race, Etc.

3. Old Africa is calling you,

So wave the banner high;

No foe shall win the glorious day,

Shout ye, and march and pray.

Refrain: Oh glorious race, Etc.

4. Our God is leading us away,

And land and seas divide,

For hosts are here in royal form,

March on and fear no storm.

Refrain: Oh glorious race, Etc.

5. New Africa beholds the sight,

The world will tremble then,

Good men of might will worship God

And bless the heaving sod.

Refrain: Oh glorious race, Etc.

6. Tell the people everywhere you go,

"The day is here again,"

The Ethiopian's God appears

To deal with all affairs.

Words of Marcus Garvey